16th Annual Feast Day Celebration

Our Annual Feast Day is rapidly approaching.  Download and print our poster.  Hang it in your church – with permission of your pastor!

August 16, 2009
(rain or shine)

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2 Responses to 16th Annual Feast Day Celebration

  1. 1poorslob ~ says:

    I just wanted to be the first to comment on your page =D
    looks nice except for one minnor typo ~ but hey I’m sure Jesus cut a few boards short from time to time though He was perfect love …
    so Be perfect as your Hevenly Father is perfect
    Perfection is something everyone should be working on
    The Gosples of Jesus Christ~His teachings, a way of life
    The Living Word of God

  2. Hello
    I want to thank you for hosting this site of the St. Therese Shrine in RI

    I am from RI originally but I travel and on occasion when I do get to RI. I come to vist the shine as often as I can .
    I have been lucky enough to attend one of the Feast Day Celebrations.
    It is a beautiful place so serene and peaceful somewhat locked in time but a true place to go and pray.

    The love and the closeness of St. Therese is there and I want to thank all of the good people that keep the Shrine going.
    I sometimes travel the world and I can log on to your website for a bit of peace prayer and meditation.

    I want to mention that in the back of the St. Therese Church
    there is a large mural that depicts Noah’s ark after the great flood and there is a beautiful rainblow and in the right bottom section of the mural there is an image of a man waving happy to see the rainbow and that God has brought the sun back.

    On Block Island there is a little Catholic Church that I went in ,
    propped up on an easel was a tile mosaic of almost the same exact picture as the mural at St. Therese’s with the man waving at the rainbow.
    There was card highlighting that the mosaic was approximately 100 years old and a gift to the church.
    I immediately thought of the mural at St. Therese’s when I saw the tile mosaic.

    I continued to walk through the church just past the tile mosaic and walked into a little room on the right hand side of the altar (which was not visible form the area in front of the altar) and there was a beautiful statue of St. Therese.

    Just a little story but I know she has taken care of me so many times and I know that she will continue to bless you and intercede for your for your devotion and love for her.

    God Bless you